Belgian Swimming Road To Rio 2016 - Jorge Luis Alvarez Pupo
Belgian Swimming Road To Rio 2016
Belgian Swimming Road To Rio 2016

During the last three weeks I've been lucky enough to work in a story about part of the Belgian swimming team that's training at the Wachtebeke Swimming center, getting ready for Rio 2016. The original idea was about trying to show through images, what it takes for an athlete during the process to achieve a goal: going to the Olympics. What I'm sharing is just a tiny part of the effort, love and sacrifice they face every single day from early in the morning.

Many people watch sports on TV, worshiping and/ or criticizing their idols; but rarely stop to analyze, in a lucid manner; all the effort and sacrifice involved undergoing hours of training, overcoming pain and fatigue.

This is just part of the story of six young Tritons who believe in a dream and follow it with devotion, under the tutelage of a team of coaches, analysts and physiotherapists who work as a family.

I just have to say thank You and good luck.

Belgium, November 2015.